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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition, a compilation of the open-world RPG and all of its DLC, will be hitting stores next week. An updated version of Prima's Skyrim strategy guide will arrive alongside this new bundle.

The Skyrim Legendary Edition Official Strategy Guide features over 1,100 pages of information on the game. The tome details over 2,000 items, 500 enemies and 350 quests. In the case of quests, they even detail the best outcomes. A two-sided map included with the book shows all of the important destinations throughout the province of Skyrim.

Gamers have a choice between a $29.99 standard edition and $49.99 collector's edition of the guide. The latter comes with a 24" poster of Alduin's Wall, with signatures from the development team underneath. The CE is also hardcover and comes with ribbon bookmarks.

Last month, Bethesda announced that they had finished development on Skyrim. Rather than creating additional DLC, they've decided to move onto their next game. They have yet to announce this new project but it's widely assumed to be Fallout 4.

For a look at the posters included with the game guide, check out Prima's website.

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