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Bethesda provided an update on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's upcoming DLC for the PS3 today. It seems that gamers in Europe will be receiving the Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard add-ons in February as well.

The DLC will be arriving on European PSN in the same order as in North America. Dragonborn is first on deck, debuting on February 13th. Hearthfire and Dawnguard will follow on the 20th and 27th, respectively. Note that these dates only apply to the English version of the game. The French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions are still being certified with Sony. Specific dates will be announced soon.

The North American release dates for this content were announced on Friday. Each DLC pack will be arriving in America a day earlier than Europe. The difference is due to the fact that the PlayStation Store is updated on Tuesdays in North America and on Wednesdays in Europe.

In Dawnguard, players find themselves in the middle of a war between a sect of vampire lords and a society of hunters trying to kill them. Hearthfire lets players build their own custom estate and defend it from marauders. Dragonborn, the largest of the DLC packs, whisks players away to the island of Solstheim to fight the first Dragonborn.

All three DLC packs are currently available on Xbox Live. PC gamers have access to Dawnguard and Hearthfire, and will get Dragonborn tomorrow.