Today Square Enix formally announced Sleeping Dogs's Year of the Snake DLC. Snake takes place after the main campaign of the open-world action game.

In the DLC, a violent group called the Cult of the Snake is terrorizing Hong Kong. This group is committed to ridding the city of evil and will use any tactics necessary to achieve their goal. Wei Shen and the Hong Kong Police Department must stop the cult over the course of several new missions.

Wei Shen will have new tools at his disposal in these missions. He'll be able to use teargas guns and electroshock pistols to stun his foes. The DLC also comes loaded with new outfits and abilities.

Square Enix hasn't announced a release date for this new content. Chinese New Year is next week, however, so it's possible that the DLC will debut around that time period.

The first screenshot for Snake is below. Check out the trailer for a longer look.

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