Sleeping Dogs PC Patch Incoming, First-Person Camera Mod Released

Mods for the PC version of Square-Enix and United Front Games' Sleeping Dogs is already on the receiving end of some modifications. While the game doesn't have official mod support, some gamers are already doing to the game what they've done to Rockstar games: make them fabulous. In addition to this, United Front has announced that they will be releasing a patch for the game soon.

According to DSO Gaming, Sleeping Dogs will be receiving a patch to fix the daylight stuttering issue that some PC gamers have been encountering. The patch will also address some additional issues but details are thin. There's no estimated release for the patch but given that there's no certification or patching fees attached to PC games, don't be surprised if it becomes available this upcoming Monday.

On to the good stuff. Toca Edit has a first-person mod that also fixes the camera issues with the game, something that PC gamers have brought up as a legitimate problem when trying to play the game. Check it out in action below.

It's not quite as polished as the first-person mod for Grand Theft Auto IV or Saints Row: The Third, but it gets it done. Plus, the game just came out last month, so we'll have to give it some time before the mods brush up in quality and frequency.

So far Sleeping Dogs has received a lot of fair praise and adequate criticism. In the coming months we'll see how well the game sold and if a sequel could be in store. For now, just take what you can get and download the new FPS and camera-fix mod over at Toca Edit.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.