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PC and Mac gamers have a new horror game to toy around with this week. Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions have released Slender: The Arrival, the follow-up to Slender: The Eight Pages.

Eight Pages, a free game released last summer, dropped the player in a spooky forest inhabited by the faceless Slender Man. The player had to explore the forest and find the titular pages while avoiding the Slender Man. The game will end if they look at this mysterious being for too long.

The Arrival expands upon its predecessor. It features a more detailed storyline that plays out over several new locations, including a mine and abandoned house. Furthermore, the visuals are much improved.

Three editions of the game are available through the official website, For $10, you'll get a downloadable copy of the game. Twenty bucks will get you the game and digital soundtrack. The $30 Special Edition, meanwhile, provides you with everything in the other editions plus 5 high-resolution paintings.

The $60 Producer's Edition, available to pre-order customers, is no longer on sale. Buyers received all the digital extras previously mentioned and had their names printed in the credits.