Somebody Found Some XNA Games That Don't Suck

About a month ago, I wrote an article on my personal blog,, about how it seems like NO ONE is reviewing Xbox Community Games. There are actually some gems on XNA, but virtually every major site ignores the service.

Since the big blogs have dropped the ball on XNA reviews, the smaller sites have started to pick up the slack. One man, Dylan Nelson, has taken some initiative and started to do some random off-and-on reviews of community games on his blog.

The first of these articles features 12 mini-reviews, which are all about the right size for the size of the games themself. It makes for a pretty enjoyable read, and Dylan managed to find some games that are totally worth your attention (as well as some games that are so hilariously bad that the demo is worth downloading for laughs.)

It's just nice to see some proof that there actually are some okay games on XNA. The prices are all pretty sweet, too. Check out the article for the full set of 12 mini-reviews.