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In a few weeks, Sega will release HD remakes of two highly regarded games from their archives. Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS Into DREAMS, classics from the Dreamcast and Saturn eras respectively, received exact release dates today.

NiGHTS and Sonic Adventure 2 are both arriving on October 2nd on PlayStation Network. The Xbox Live Arcade launch, meanwhile, is scheduled for October 5th. You'll have to pay 800 MS Points, or $9.99 to download them.

Sega also announced some DLC-related news for each game this weekend. Sonic Adventure 2 can be enhanced by a $3 Battle Mode add-on which provides maps and characters from the Gamecube version. NiGHTS buyers will be luckier; they'll get free access to the content from Christmas NiGHTS, a holiday-themed expansion pack first released back in 1996.

Both remakes sport improved graphics and developer team interviews. You can check out the former below.

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