Soul Calibur V's Story Shipped Unfinished, Says Game Director

Only one-fourth of the entire Soul Calibur V story mode was shipped with the gold version of the game. Due to time constraints most of the storyboards and development were left on the cutting room floor, according to game director Daishi Odashima.

The news comes courtesy of Train2Game who plans to publish the full interview with Odashima, but leaked tidbits of the interview with the director from the latest Namco fighting game, Soul Calibur V. Daishi states that...

“Our first plan on the storyboard was that we had every characters story, and actually we do have it in the studio, but time-wise, man power-wise we weren’t able to do it and only one fourth of what we planned to do is in the game.”... “Actually, some of the voice-overs are already taken but haven’t been used, so we want to make use of it somehow, but we don’t know how that’s going to be.”

Basically, only two of the characters had a fully fleshed out story and that was Patrokolos and his sister Pyrrha. While basic voice-over work was finished for most of the other characters, they just didn't have the time to get it all done before the shipping date.

Now if I were a greedy, dastardly executive at Namco I would have Odashima and crew polish up the unfinished storyboards. Flesh them out real nice and neat. Gather up assets and resources for said storyboards and compile them into a series of downloadable content packs and charge $5 per pack. Additional modes like survival or time trials could be added along with extra concept art, model viewers and kata exhibitions -- all of said features would arrive in said DLC packs. That's just hypothetically speaking...if I were a greedy, dastardly executive deemed with running a multi-billion dollar publishing studio.

However, Namco has yet to pull the post-launch-game-isn't-complete-without-DLC card for games like Tekken, Naruto or Dragon Ball Z, so it's a little hard to see them doing the same thing with Soul Calibur V. They've been respectful to the gaming community thus far and it's tough to see them concede from that practice. Then again, in today's climate where fighting games restrict colors to disc-locked content , I guess anything is possible.

Train2Game plans to run the entire interview at a later date where Odashima talks more about the pressures of game development arena, how to make it in the business and more. Soul Calibur V is currently available for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.