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Soul Sacrifice DLC Details Revealed, First Three Packs Will Be Free

It looks like all of you wizards mercilessly slaughtering monsters in the PlayStation Vita's recent hit, Soul Sacrifice will be staying pretty busy in the coming months as Sony confirms a list of three DLC packs, each boasting a pair of new enemies and a few other goodies to boot. The best part: These pieces of DLC will apparently be free of charge.

This past week, Sony apparently got in the gift-giving mood, sending out emails to random PSN users containing a download code for a free item in Soul Sacrifice. In the game, players team up or fly solo in a hunter-style game that sees you sacrificing everything from small items to your own body parts (or even your teammates) to take down massive monsters. The recent email gave players access to the Spirits' Falconfeather, which allows you to teleport a short distance rather than just dodge enemy attacks.

Along with the code for the free item, the email also confirmed a calendar for upcoming DLC for Soul Sacrifice. I stumbled upon a poster for this content at GameStop over the weekend, too, which fleshed out the details even further.

First up, on May 28, players will be able to download the Headless Knights and Starving Ruin Dwellers pack. This bad boy contains two new bosses including Dullahan (the titular headless knight) and Behemoth, what appears to be a monstrous apple tree. The Goliath map will also be added, as well as new Berserker magic, eight new missions, and SNS/Augmented Reality support. Yep, that all sounds pretty dang nifty.

On June 11, smack-dab in the middle of E3, players will have access to the decidedly less ambitious A Drunk and a Chef pack. This one will feature the Dwarf and Ogre boss characters, as well as eight new missions to dive into.

Finally, on June 25, the Wild Wheels and Apparition pack will be unleashed upon the masses. This pack will include the Ouroboros and Wraith boss characters, as well as eight new missions and the new Angelus magic.

Judging by the above DLC image and filling in two of those shadows for the Oroboros and Wraith, it looks like there are at least seven more boss characters in the works. It's unlikely all of that content will be free of charge but, after getting all of the goodies listed above at no charge, I don't think anyone will be able to complain if they're asked to throw a few more dollars into the game.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.