The early footage from Splinter Cell: Blacklist looked more like an action game, but Ubisoft wants everyone to know that this game values stealth. A new trailer shows Sam Fisher avoiding unnecessary bloodshed.

If Sam can get close enough to an unaware enemy, he can silently knock them out. He can perform these moves regardless of whether or not he's behind cover. The takedowns range from simple (sleeper holds) to acrobatic (sliding kicks, hip tosses).

There's a world of difference between not hurting and not killing someone. At one point, Fisher body-slams a guy head-first into the ground. Some of these takedowns look needlessly complicated (he really didn't need to bicycle kick that one guy) but the overall effect is that the stealth approach should be as satisfying as more bloody methods.

In Blacklist, a secretive group is planning a series of deadly terrorist attacks against the United States. Fisher leads a new clandestine unit called 4th Echelon that must travel the globe and find these terrorists. The formation of 4th Echelon is detailed in a new comic called Echoes.

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