Ubisoft's stealth-action series Splinter Cell is branching into comics. Today they revealed Splinter Cell: Echoes, a graphic novel that takes place between the games Splinter Cell: Conviction and Blacklist.

Echoes was written by Nathan Edmondson, who also worked on Ultimate Comics: Iron Man. The illustrator is Marc Laming of Planet of the Apes fame. The two previously collaborated on The Activity, a military thriller that put them on Ubisoft's radar.

Edmondson was tight-lipped about the graphic novel's plot in his IGN interview. However, he did mention that Sam Fisher's life takes some "very interesting turns" after the events of Conviction. I imagine some neck-snapping is involed.

At the end of Conviction, Fisher is no longer in the employ of the US government. However, by the time Blacklist rolls around, Fisher has become the head of a new elite agency called Fourth Echelon. The graphic novel presumably explains how that new job came about.

Ubisoft plans to release Echoes sometime next year. Blacklist will be available worldwide in March.

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