Square Enix At E3: Infinite Undiscovery Fact Sheet And Screens

Infinite Undiscovery is a game that should not have a release date, especially not one as early as this September. tri-Ace’s newest game does not look ready for primetime, and when you’re talking about a current generation title coming out of Square Enix you expect stunning visuals. Luckily the gameplay looks fairly solid. I’d like to see what the Valkyrie Profile developer can do with this new IP.

In Infinite Undiscovery you play as Capell, a young boy who is held in a prison deep within a forest. Called the “Liberator” by those who imprison the young lad, he is clueless as to what’s going on, until Aya comes to his rescue. The young woman liberates our hero and the adventure begins. She belongs to a group of warriors who call Sigmung the Liberator their leader, and the tiny band is attempting to fight against the oppressive Order. When Capell meets Sigmund he finds himself looking at himself. So yeah, there’s some discovering to be done.

Infinite Undisovery releases exclusively for the Xbox 360 on September 2, 2008.


  • Discovery & Impact
    - The actions you choose to take upon new discoveries will have a real-time impact on the world
  • Situational Battles
    - Players will be confronted with a variety of dramatic situational battles such as executing a daring escape while a gigantic ogre follows in hot pursuit, or waging battle amidst towering tidal waves. The dynamic environments change and respond in real time, creating an entirely new experience never before seen in the genre
  • A Seamless World and Real-time Action
    - Combat, exploration, and other actions all take place within the same environment, seamlessly shifting between each game facet. Battles are carried out in real-time, bringing the vibrant fighting sequences of the STAR OCEAN series out of the traditional battle screen into a beautiful and lush environment
  • Connect Ability System
    - 17 characters join the hero, Capell, with unique Connect Ability actions that allow the player to tap into their abilities and take direct control
Steve West

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.