Namco Bandai has released the first making-of video for Star Trek's upcoming video game. In the video, Paramount senior vice president Brian Miller discusses how they've brought the reboot film series into a gaming series.

The development team wanted players to be able to directly control Spock and Kirk. A third-person co-op shooter accomplishes that. Players can control Kirk and approach conflicts with guns blazing. They can also take the subtle approach as Spock, investigating enemies with mind meld or taking them out silently with the Vulcan nerve pinch.

The game isn't just a shooter, though. Miller points out that the game will also have sky dive or "space dive" segments in which players must navigate past obstacles at high speed. In some situations, they'll also command the Enterprise in space battles.

While it's nice to see that the game will provide something other than shoot 'em up action, how are these other gameplay segments going to work with co-op? Will each player control separate sets of guns in the space battles? Or will one player drive and one player shoot? There are many questions that need to be answered in the two months before the game's launch.

For an additional look at the co-op shooter action, check out the trailer from Tuesday.

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