Digital Extremes has rolled out another gameplay trailer for their upcoming Star Trek co-op shooter. In the minute and fifteen seconds, Kirk and Spock manage to kill a whole lot of people.

Star Trek is set after the events of the reboot film. The Vulcan are rebuilding their race at a new colony. When they're attacked by the reptilian Gorn, Kirk and Spock must step up and save the day.

What's interesting about this game's co-op is that the two characters have different abilities. For example, Spock is stealthier than Kirk and can use a Vulcan nerve pinch to take down unaware enemies instantly. The different styles of each character are reflected in their different selections of weapons as well.

Star Trek will be arriving in April on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game's debut will occur about a month before the film Star Trek: Into Darkness hits theaters.

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