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A couple of Star Wars projects thought to be dead and buried might have life left in them yet, as a recent interview with Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy confirms that the studio is still interested in developing both a Star Wars live-action television series, as well as the fabled game, Star Wars 1313.

Star Wars is everywhere these days. We’ve got a new movie trilogy about to kick off, as well as a highly successful animated and the more recently released online game, Star Wars Battlefront. The series is featured in all sorts of partnership commercials including fast food restaurants and internet providers, as well as new books, comics, action figures and pretty much anything else you can slap a logo on.

Disney is clearly banking on making Star Wars a part of the conversation for a long time to come, but that doesn’t mean that they and the folks at Lucasfilm are only focusing on the future. Some of their ideas may be coming from the past.

According to Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy in a recent interview with Slashfilm, a couple of old Star Wars projects thought to be on the backest of back burners could still see the light of day.

Most relevant to us gaming types is the long-thought-dead Star Wars 1313. The game was first announced during E3 2012 and, surprisingly enough, was supposedly going for an M rating. Set on Level 1313 of Coruscant, player would lay waste to their enemies using all sorts of gadgets from the Star Wars universe rather than the Force. When Disney purchased Lucasfilm, however, the game slipped into the shadows and was thought to be permanently canned.

The same goes for what was being called Star Wars: Underworld, a live-action television series being developed by Lucas at the time of the purchase. Again, this show would take a more mature look at the Star Wars universe, visiting the politics that take place within its underbelly.

As Kennedy puts it, there’s hope yet for both projects. When asked about Star Wars: Underworld, she had this to say…
No, interestingly enough, that’s an area we’ve spent a lot of time, reading through the material that he developed is something we very much would like to explore. And there was 1313, the game, where there was…Unbelievable. So our attitude is, we don’t want to throw any of that stuff away. It’s gold. And it’s something we’re spending a lot of time looking at, pouring through, discussing, and we may very well develop those things further. We definitely want to.

Going from “want to” to actual development is a big step, but at least there’s a chance we might see the Star Wars TV show and 1313 come to fruition. If we’ve learned anything from Disney’s handling of the Marvel universe, it’s that they’ll pursue any avenue available. What makes that less worrisome is that fact that, so far, they’ve been delivering quality along with quantity.