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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Amazing New Gameplay Footage?

So earlier today Kotaku had a news story about "rumored" gameplay footage leaked from Free Radical for Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Supposedly, it's alpha footage that was developed for a corporate meeting. Regardless of the circumstances, it's some of the best gameplay footage of the year. Despite the fact that it's not "official" gameplay footage.

I'm not really sure why Kotaku labeled the video as a "rumor" if they were told it was alpha footage. But anyway, despite Free Radical falling in under, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is probably going to get picked back up by Pandemic, given that the code originally belongs to LucasArts and Pandemic hasn't filed bankruptcy yet. Alternatively, LucasArts could find another studio to finish off the alpha version of the game before the holiday season of this year. Either way, rest assured that the SW: Battlefront property is safe and the third game in the series is coming to home consoles and PC sooner or later.

Now even if you're not a Star Wars fan; even if you never played Battlefront games before; even if you aren't a man-nerd and don't care about anything with George Lucas' licenced trademark on it, the footage you're about to see is some of the coolest looking gameplay (and cinematic) footage for any game coming out this year.

This is not some shallow hyperbole either. The montage is grainy because it was filmed on a television, but it doesn't mean that it's any less fun to watch. Any and every complaint you could have had about Battlefront games dissolve in the sheer immensity of the stages and battle atmospheres. Even better yet, the game now contains cinematic cut-scenes and what appears to be a real storyline, featuring a new cast of characters and everything.

The light-saber fight at the end of the trailer is especially sweet; detailing all kinds of fancy movements and a technical display of saber skill that look as if it came right out of a Star Wars film. You can check out the footage below (which was originally composed in November). Be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news and updates regarding the latest games.

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