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Star Wars Battlefront Alpha Footage Leaked

Gamers can't seem to get enough of Star Wars: Battlefront from DICE. While there is a beta inbound for the game you can get an early look at the game with some leaked alpha footage featuring some visually impressive gameplay.

You can check it out below from YouTuber Jake McNeill.

The video is only 10 minutes long featuring the Walker Assault mode, but you get to see how the long range combat works out, how the close range combat works in indoor segments and a look at some of the game's very impressive looking explosion effects.

The firing mechanics are mostly on point... but maybe a bit too on point. A few comments on the video pointed out that there's no recoil like in the first two Star Wars: Battlefront games and you can basically just hold down the fire button non-stop. This means there's no spread on the rapid fire and the laser accuracy doesn't dissipate or become affected by range, which is a little annoying.

In the older Star Wars: Battlefront games you couldn't just hold down the fire button and shoot recklessly. You had to squeeze off a few shots in short bursts to keep the spread from causing the laser to fire sporadically in all directions.

Anyway, we finally get to see how the interiors look in the game on the Hoth map. In this particular mode the Empire had to stop the Rebels from calling in Y-Wing support to bomb the AT-ATs, so we see how the Storm Troopers are invading the base to prevent the Rebels from doing that.

In the older Star Wars: Battlefront games the same Hoth segments were included and you could run through the inside of the snow base. In the second game Pandemic extended the interiors even further, allowing players to run all the way deep into the base and through some connecting corridors that allowed players to come out of various entrances scattered throughout the map. This gave the game a very large and strategic feel – especially on the Rebel side.

They didn't show off enough of the map to tell if there will be tunnels running throughout the entirety of the stage or if it's just the Hoth hangar that you can move through. But one of the other segments in the Hoth map that was pretty impressive was the carrier drop zone at the back of the Hoth base where the frigate and corvette class space ships were housed. In the single-player campaign of Battlefront 2 there was an epic battle where you had to fight your way into the Hoth base while the frigates boarded up survivors and took flight, and you had to fight your way in as the Empire to stop the ships from escaping. Hopefully we'll see something similar in DICE's rendition.

The beta for Star Wars: Battlefront is set to go live this October. A month after that the game will launch on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. PS4 gamers will have a special edition console designed specifically for the game.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.