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One common complaint about the beta test for Star Wars: Battlefront was that the Rebels are at a severe disadvantage in the Walker Assault mode on Hoth. DICE says that they're going to make some adjustments before the game launches, though.

In Walker Assault mode, the Imperials are marching on the Rebel base. Two AT-ATs are making a beeline for the base's shield generator and the Rebels have to take both of them down. They must capture uplink stations to call in bombers on the AT-ATs. While they scramble to do so, though, the Rebels are being pounded by heavy guns from AT-ATs and the supporting AT-STs.

As anyone who watched Empire Strikes Back knows, the Rebels lost this fight. However, DICE wants the Rebels to at least have a fighting chance in Battlefront. Right now the Imperials are winning the vast majority of the matches. Here's how multiplayer designer Dennis Brännvall and community manager Mathew Everett responded to fans on Twitter about the imbalance:
This does seem like a tough mode to balance. It's inherently unfair in a way, because the Rebels are outgunned by the Imperials. They don't have any heavy armor of their own. The Rebel team needs to be able to compete, though, or everyone's just going to skip matches until they land on the Imperial team.

I'm curious what DICE plans to do in order to level the playing field. Boost the power of Rebel turrets? Raise the cooldown of the AT-AT walker's abilities or lower their damage? Whatever their solution is, I'm glad that they at least see that a fix is needed.

Star Wars: Battlefront will debut on November 17th for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game will have four maps for Walker Assault at first so the changes DICE makes based on the Hoth beta feedback could affect them as well.

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