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Star Wars: Battlefront Due For Release Holiday 2015

Electronic Arts and DICE have finally set a release window for the highly anticipated Star Wars game, Battlefront. It's not Star Wars: Battlefront III or Star Wars: Battlefront: The New One it's just Star Wars: Battlefront. Presumably EA will want to reboot the franchise and do their own bi-annual trilogy to milk for as much money as they possibly can.

The last we heard about the game was from way back at E3 this year, when Electronic Arts and DICE made it known that the first-person shooter wasn't going to be due to receive any promotional loving until 2015.

In fact, it was made abundantly clear that gamers would have to suffer through all of the summer, all of the fall and all of the winter of 2014 before being eligible to receive info about Star Wars: Battlefront. The game will get its official unveiling – beyond all the sleight of hand teaser trailers – come spring, 2015.

Well, recently EA sent out the following tweet regarding the release window for Battlefront. Check it out below.

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The good part about it is that the team has had plenty of time to iron out their ideas for the game. They can scrap together what works and what doesn't and maybe, likely, use Free Radical's alpha build as a base on what to do and what to avoid (or at least I hope they are).

Free Radical was making some good progress on Star Wars: Battlefront III. The game was still far from complete but we had a really sound idea as to what direction they were heading in.

The game sported some pretty awesome features, including the ability to start on the ground and fly your way up into space. The concept of Battlefront III looked really slick and I'm hoping oh-so-much that the whole ground-to-space play-field that then-Free Radical had been working on will stay in this upcoming release.

My only major worry is that the Frostbite 3 is a lot more powerful than what the eighth-gen consoles can handle, and if DICE focuses more on graphics over expansive play-fields... well, then we'll have a pretty game with fewer features. I'm hoping they opt to use the tech to focus more on physics and breadth, as opposed to fancy visual effects and graphics density.

Nevertheless, gamers are more concerned with how much of the game will be finished. It's become common practice to release a title with tons of DLC withheld in order to squeeze every dime and dollar out of a gamer throughout a six month period (usually). EA's Twitter feed is filled with people joking about Star Wars: Battlefront being half-finished or DLC-laden. It's not an uncommon complaint and it's not going to go away so long as the problem persists. Of course, we'll find out just what's in store come spring, 2015.

For more info, feel free to pay a visit to the game's official website.

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