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So one of the really big titles we've all been waiting for and expecting this year at E3 is Star Wars: Battlefront 3. It's one of the best selling franchises from two generations ago and it's one of the most recognizable names in the video game space. Unfortunately, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is not going to be coming as soon as you had hoped.

During this year's E3 press conference hosted by Electronic Arts, the most anticipated game under E3's properties was present... but it wasn't what everyone was expecting.

EA played a pre-roll before their conference to give everyone a heads-up about the state of Star Wars: Battlefront 3, sort of like how Paul Heyman defuses the crowd early on whenever WWE heads to Chicago, CM Punk's hometown.

Instead of focusing on trying to pitch gamers the awesomeness of Battlefront 3, EA and DICE just made it known that they have the property, they're working on the property, they have a lot of work to do and the game is no where near finished. In fact, the only thing you get to see is a bunch of conceptual prototypes. Check it out in the video below.

As mentioned during the presser, Electronic Arts won't have anything to share for Star Wars: Battlefront 3 until spring of 2015. Can you believe that?

One of the things that we're likely to count on is that someone, somewhere will likely leak something before spring of 2015. If I had to wage a guess I would say we could very well see something coming by December or so.

The only thing we can take away from the “conceptual” footage above is that we know that it's running on Frostbite 3 and that there's some hints about what we can expect from some of the map locations. We know that the game will feature Hoth, as showcased during Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back, as well as Endor, a planet that was featured in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi.

The brief look at the speeder chase looked pretty good, but I'm pretty sure we can just as well chalk that up to yet another cinematic graphics concept rather than what we can actually expect to see from the full game.

In the end, Battlefront 3 is still a very long ways off. The fact that we're not even seeing any sort of pre-alpha footage means that it's probably going to be a 2016 release, sad as it is to say it.

Essentially, EA took the opportunity at E3 to announce that information announcing new information for Star Wars: Battlefront 3 will be announced next year. It kind of sucks, yes, but that's the break, kids.

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