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EA and DICE just let loose the official launch trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront, the upcoming first (or third) person shooter game for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It features many of the favorite characters from the Galactic Empire era, including a showdown between Han Solo and Darth Vader.

You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of the official EA Star Wars YouTube channel.

After being thoroughly disappointed with the beta, I have to admit that the trailer above looks freaking awesome.

The little quip from Boba Fett about not ending back up in the Sarclacc pitt again literally made me giggle like a little school girl, and the various showdowns between the different heroes and the cinematic look of the game almost gave me goosebumps. The inclusions of the original John Williams fanfare from the series made it feel that much more epic.

I don't think there's anyone out there who doesn't like what DICE has done with the graphics and audio of the Star Wars: Battlefront series. It's an amazing display of cinematic excellence.

The blend between choreographed in-engine scenes and actual gameplay was a great mix of actually showing players what the gameplay could be like. The only problem is that the gameplay is not very tactical, which is probably the biggest drawback to the game.

While we finally get to see Han Solo in action in that one segment where he comes in to fight Darth Vader, part of the problem is that what they didn't show is that there's absolutely nothing characters without jetpacks can do to get out of the way. The game's lack of a roll or dodge just makes the whole battles seem stilted and humdrum. You can basically guarantee that whoever sees their opponent first is likely the one who will get the kill, unless something silly happens like a person in the turret snipes them.

Another big issue – and something they didn't dwell on in the launch trailer for Battlefront above – is that the game no longer allows players to get into vehicles, land them or hijack them. The tactical element of using teamwork and sneaking up behind an AT-ST with an engineer class and hijacking it from the empire, only to take the AT-ST and blast the crap out of opponents has been removed. Vehicles are now attached to power-ups and the power-ups only allow one person to ride in a vehicle at a time. So you know all those awesome moments you had when you and your buddy would climb into a Snow Speeder and work together to tie up the AT-ATs? Well, you won't be doing that in this newest Battlefront.

Nevertheless, despite everything they've removed from this newest iteration in the series, the graphics, sound and cinematic quality of the game is spot on. I just wish we could have received a Star Wars: Battlefront with all of the features of the old games but with the Frostbite 3's graphics technology.

Anyway, you can look for Battlefront to launch on the PS4, Xbox One and PC starting November 17th.

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