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While we’ve still got quite a few months until Star Wars: Battlefront is released upon the masses, we’ve now got word that you’ll only be able to play the game online, as this latest shooter from DICE does not feature a single player campaign.

We reported yesterday that word had come down that Star Wars: Battlefront will not be releasing until Nov. 17 of this year. Originally only a rumor, we can now confirm the leaked release date, along with a few other tidbits concerning the game thanks to announcements from the ongoing Star Wars Celebration event.

For starters, Star Wars: Battlefront will not have a single player game mode. Instead, the game will focus on multiplayer and cooperative modes rather than spend resources crafting a campaign. That’s bad news for folks who wanted to live out some of the series’ most epic battles in a story mode but, given how lackluster most narratives are for games primarily built to be an online shooter, maybe this isn’t actually such a raw.

As for what multiplayer fans can expect, IGN has a few additional details courtesy of an interview with DICE’s Patrick Bach. The co-operative game mode can be played online or in split-screen, which should make more than a few Jedi and Sith quite happy. Bach explained that the co-op missions are designed to be shorter than the multiplayer shootouts, with higher difficulties available for those who enjoy a challenge.

And let’s not forget about that new trailer DICE just revealed this morning.

I could be wrong, but it looks like a couple of brief scenes in the trailer show off actual in-game footage. The rest of it is just a pretty look at familiar battles meant to give you an idea of what the game should feel like. I find it interesting that DICE has said on many occasions that Battlefront isn’t simply Battlefield set in the Star Wars universe, but that certainly appears to be the case. Make no mistake, though, that’s exactly what I want the game to be: Explosive battles on massive maps, but with all of the sights and sounds of the Star Wars universe. So long as they nail that, I’ll be a happy camper.

Finally, a few other tidbits to chew on. The game will feature a 40-player cap for competitive play, which is about 20 fewer than more modern Battlefield games. I’m a firm believer that the player count should complement the gameplay, not shoot for the highest figure, so I trust that has something to do with the drop in players supported on a single map.

Also, you’ll be able to play the game in first or third-person view, meaning all shooter fans should be comfortable with at least one of the set-ups.
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