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The official trailer for the upcoming Outer Rim DLC pack for DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront has been released. The new DLC trailer features a look at the two new heroes, the new maps and the new extraction game mode.

PC Gamer spotted the latest trailer as it quickly moves through each of the new pieces of content and gives gamers a look at what they can expect from the first paid DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront.

The trailer does a fine job of looking intense and getting gamers hyped. They cover the two new playable heroes, Greedo the bounty hunter and Nien Numb the rebel fighter. The trailer seems to build a lot of its tension and intrigue around the rivalry between Han Solo and Greedo, which is actually fairly fun to watch. Throughout the trailer we see the legendary scoundrels face off against each other; the final clip is Greedo being faced down by Solo, where they attempt to do a draw in Jabba's palace. I wonder if that will spawn a new selection of memes about Han firing first?

The rest of the trailer is a hodgepodge of clips that quickly moves through the new content at a rapid-fire pace. We briefly get to see the new Relby V-10 rifle and the DT-12 blaster pistol in action, as well as the more devastating Dioxis grenade that manages to knock out everyone within a specific area. One weapon making an appearance in this new Star Wars: Battlefront is a returning weapon from the older Battlefront titles from Pandemic... the Scatter Gun. The weapon gets very little lip service in the trailer above, but we do get to see it absolutely destroy another character by blasting through the shield and taking them down.

Unfortunately we don't get to see what the range of the Scatter Gun is nor do we get to see what the cooldown is like. It's such a quick glimpse of the weapon that it leaves a lot to be desired as far details and info go.

The Battlefront trailer also covers the brand new Extraction mode. This is a very interesting mode in the new factory map on Sullust. It sees one team having to protect some cargo in the factory and attempting to get it to an extraction point while the opposing team attempts to stop them. In this case, it's up to the Rebels to move the object through three checkpoints in the factory map and get it to the exit before time runs out. The players on the side of the Empire have to stop the Rebels from getting the item out of the factory.

The new maps are only briefly featured in the trailer, mostly as background objects instead of the focus. Jabba's palace map on Tatooine actually comes across more as a machinima location than an actual PvP map, but the Sullust factory seems like it could prove to be a fun map with its complex structures and lots of ins and outs around the area.

The Outer Rim DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront is due to drop before March is out for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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