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A new planet has joined Star Wars: The Old Republic today. BioWare has released images and a video that introduce Belsavis, an exotic world on the Outer Rim with an interesting secret.

Belsavis' surface is covered almost entirely with ice shelves, except for a few rare spots of tropical wilderness. While studying the planet's unusual mix of climates, scientists discovered an ancient Rakatan prison filled with some of the galaxy's most dangerous criminals. The Republic now has a military presence there, to ensure that the long-time residents of "The Tomb" stay behind bars. They've also begun to add prisoners that they've captured in the Great War. The Sith Empire, meanwhile, is sending agents to free their incarcerated comrades.

The prison definitely seems like it could be some sort of raid instance. BioWare's been tight-lipped about SW:TOR's end-game so far, though.

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