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StarMade Is Like Minecraft In Space And It's On Steam Greenlight

It would take you about 10,000 real life years to travel from one end of StarMade's universe to the other. That's right, this game is massive and it's populated with procedurally generated solar systems with random planets of varying types, and sports ships that range from small cruisers to capital star destroyers and everything else in between.

The game is best described as Minecraft meets EVE Online meets X-Wing meets Garry's Mod's Spacebuild game mode. You craft, create, shape, mold and design the kind of space adventure you've always wanted. You can barter, trade, scavenge, steal and scrap materials from various derelict ships, unexplored planets or from destroyed vessels you come across in your journey across the universe.

I think the thing that just completely blows me away is how you can design and construct your very own spaceship and travel across the galaxy with your very own crew made up of real-life people. It's like Allods Online's Astral mode gone scaled up times 100,000. I mean, this is just insane. It's almost difficult framing how amazing and large scale this game is. But the video below just might help out with that. Check it out.

I love that last shot in the video of the Millennium Falcon just taking it easy and strolling over the planets like a pimp taking a stroll through Harlem in a 1979 Lincoln Continental.

But don't bail out now. There's more!

While the videos so far have focused on the hipster indie stuff, take into account that the game has a massive array of action-packed sci-fi adventures awaiting you as well. That's right, you can do more than just go planet hopping and building up the spacecraft of your dreams. You can create AI that are friendly or foes; you can group up and attack space stations because that's just how you roll; you can fight it out, duke it out or fly it out like a space jockey with no skills to spare for tomorrow.

The game really is an impressive thing and it's hard to just quantify how amazing the concepts are but hopefully the videos helped put into perspective just how big the scope is for this game.

Lucky for those of you itching to wrap your fingers around the keys of your very own intergalactic space transportation device, you can actually sign-up right now and play the game for free! That's right, for free!

Skeptics can check out one more video that may or may not win them over like Obama trying to convince old people that Obamacare wasn't the hell-spawned healthcare act from a communist demon overlord. For everyone else who wants to actually play the game, feel free to visit the official website or pledge your support with an upvote or two over on Steam's Greenlight.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.