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Garry's Mod is probably the only game in the historical existence of computer gaming where fans, modders and gamers alike dread the very concept of an update. After the very stable, graphically delicious and addon-friendly 164, Mr. Newman and team proceeded to break the game bad with update 165 and then proceeded to completely wreck the world with update 13.06.07.

Update 13.06.07 is a vicious beast that completely changes the way Garry's Mod is updated. The entire thing has been switched over to Steam Pipe and now updates, addons and patches will be streamlined through with a much higher rate of efficiency and convenience.

While most addons no longer work for the game and the graphics have taken quite a hit, there was a long-term tradeoff that gamers should definitely appreciate: Faster load times for maps, addons, characters, models and props. Good times, yeah?

Portal 2's Chell is also now a standard player model that you can pick from the list, along with Counter-Strike: Source Hostages. Those running dedicated servers will now be able to mount extra content with the mount.cfg file and those making, editing or modifying addons will have a much easier time of it with the overhaul to the addon system.

While a lot of cool, fun and diverse addons are now sitting on the Steam Workshop, more broke down than a Lada sedan in Kragujevac, in the long run of things this will make addons a lot easier to mount, make and modify for Garry's Mod...just until the next big overhaul and the forums explode with more rage than Microsoft outing public policy for console-based DRM.

You can learn more by paying a less-than-rage-induced visit to the official Garry's Mod website.

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