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State of Decay players can now publicly display their affection for the open-world zombie game. Developer Undead Labs is now selling official merchandise for the game through their online store.

The studio notes that the t-shirts, hoodies and posters are being sold at cost. In other words, they're not making any profit off of them.

"We're not in the t-shirt selling business. We make games for gamers," Undead said on Twitter.

The posters were left over from Undead Labs' exhibition at PAX East. Some are signed by the development team. The posters are $10 regardless of whether or not they're signed.

In State of Decay, players must survive a zombie outbreak. They team up with other survivors to create a safe haven. The player must regularly scavenge the countryside to keep their base afloat. All the while, they'll also explore options for permanently escaping the outbreak.

State of Decay had a surprisingly strong launch last week, with over a quarter million copies sold in two days. Undead is hoping to keep those players with a patch for some of the game's worst bugs.

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