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State Of Decay Trailer Battles Zombies In Slow Motion

Undead Labs has released a new gameplay trailer for their open-world zombie game State of Decay. They've also confirmed the release window for the Xbox Live Arcade version.

State of Decay takes place in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak. A store clerk named Marcus returns from a hunting trip to find the world is overrun with undead. He must team up with other survivors for safety. They must build a base, raid zombie-infested areas for supplies and, of course, kill lots of walkers.

Over time, you'll find other survivors to recruit as well. Each character has a number of characteristics and skills to contribute to the survival effort. Players can choose how to customize their team to make them a more effective zombie-fighting force.

Because it's a single-player game, Decay can offer a more story-driven experience than DayZ. The main storyline is supplemented by optional side missions. Completing missions will change the world in dramatic ways. Undead Labs also promises dynamically generated content to inject some randomness into the game.

State of Decay will debut on Xbox Live in June. According to the game's website, a PC version is also in the works as well.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.