Microsoft and Undead Labs have been sitting on Class 3 for a few years, and after the success of DayZ they decided to put the game into full production and call it State of Decay. The latest trailer features some of the scavenging and weapon based combat.

The new trailer for the game has gone live on the actual State of Decay website...leaving eager gamers and blogging enthusiasts alike to find and scope the trailer out for themselves. I am and am not impressed with the game. For a title that's been in development for several years there's a suprising lack of polish for a game that's going to be on Xbox Live. The video below is definitely a step up from what was on display at PAX East but there's still some pacing and combat quality issues that need to be worked out.

I'm still sort of skeptical about this game. I've always wanted an open-world zombie game similar to Grand Theft Auto and Left 4 Dead, but again, I question how a game could be in development for several years and still feel so unpolished?

Now let's compare this with The Dead Linger, which was only announced last year in September, and see what features they've added so far in their latest video log in just a year's time.

Smaller team, smaller budget, bigger scope.

If a small, noodle-stringed budget team could come up with a game like this in shorter amount of time, what the heck was Undead Labs doing all that time? I'd imagine their game will be as big as Grand Theft Auto V, yeah? Or maybe...just maybe the game was conceived way back in the day but fell flat with the higher ups until DayZ started making waves. They brushed off the code and starting working on updates based on an established core they had already designed way back when. It's just a guess based on the presentation of the game, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, hopefully State of Decay isn't a cash-in game like The War Z and the developers actually have a sound game design at the core and not just some tossed-together ideas in hopes of making Microsoft some money based on the popularity of DayZ.

You can learn more about the Xbox 360 exclusive by visiting the Official Website.

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