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It's been a long time coming, but a change is finally going to come... sort of. 2K Games and WWE have announced that they have finally acquired the last piece of the puzzle in the WCW banner of hall of famers: Sting.

Anyone who had any appreciation for the Monday Night Wars between WCW and then WWF would love the fact that one of the icons that made WCW what it was is now going to be part of the new WWE.

Steve Borden has two iconic moments as the Stinger in his career: his happy-go-lucky, Rick Flair meets Ultimate Warrior getup that he donned in the 80s and early 90s, during what many consider to be “The Superstar” years, and his righteously badass persona change with the silent but deadly avenger-esque gimmick that mimicked The Crow.

Personally? I've always enjoyed his Crow gimmick with the awesome violin concerto and long leather jacket. Him descending from the rafters with the sad face-paint and black baseball bat was just too cool for its own good. I mean, who came up with that? There were rumors that it was Scott Hall who talked management into it but man, it's a little hard to believe.

Anyway, Sting's Crow gimmick really helped reshape the image of WCW into a darker, more mystifying wrestling organization in comparison to Vince's promotion. You had physical freaks like the Steiner Brothers and Hogan and Savage, as well as DDP and Bagwell, and even awesome stables like Raven's Flock and the nWo. I would be lying if I said that WCW wasn't cool back then, because it absolutely was, and a large part of that was because of Sting.

Seeing this guy finally make the jump to WWE is kind of both exhilarating and mind-blowing. He's one of last icons from a recent generation of wrestling that hasn't stepped foot into Vince's promotion. And now that's finally changing.

The only major drawback for the teaser trailer above is that we don't get to see any gameplay. It's a complaint that has echoed far and wide throughout the gaming arena, as many fans really want to see how this year's WWE 2K15 will look (I'm more concerned about how it will play).

The game will feature two versions of Sting, his surfer getup and his Crow getup. I'm really, really glad they ignored his whole Joker thing from TNA. That was kind of embarrassing.

The only thing that WWE needs to do now is setup a match between Sting and Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31. It's like every wrestling fan's dream match come true (next to prime versions of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg in an 'I Quit' match).

2K Games has a good thing going so far and I'm sure they're going to want to milk the anticipation as much as possible. But time is counting down and they'll need to show off some gameplay footage of WWE 2K15 if they want those pre-order bonuses to skyrocket before the game's release.

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