A brand new, fantasy-science platformer has been announced called A Story About My Uncle. It captures a bit of the game Prey and fuses it in with Mirror's Edge and a bit of Tribes. Gravity and timing become your enemies, while timing and precision are allies you won't be able to survive without. It's a beautiful, interesting and unique game, to say the least.

Going from developing Goat Simulator to publishing A Story About My Uncle seems like a huge shift in themes for Coffee Stain Studios, but when compared to their previous outings of the Sanctum games, it's a lot less surprising.

Even though Gone North Games is at the developmental helm, thematically, you can definitely see some similarities in the aesthetics between Sanctum and A Story About My Uncle. It's a lot like the stark story differences yet shared technological similitude between Portal and Half-Life.

What's most impressive about the game is the throwback to old-school 3D platforming. I could have easily imagined this game being a side-scroller on the SNES or PSX. In fact, check it out for yourself with the teaser trailer below.

In the independent space we've seen a few games almost like this, from Naissance to Magrunner, the indies have been going above and beyond to mix and change and alter the traditional gaming formulas into something new and intriguing.

Grapple-based gameplay in a first-person setting is a little tricky because it becomes difficult to gauge distance and depth, but at the same time it offers a very thrilling experience once the VR headset gets put on.

I mean, can you imagine how insane it would be traversing through that mystical world at incalculable heights with stomach-churning speeds? You're just asking for your lunch to take a short trip up thorax lane and right out of gaping mouth avenue.

Gameplay wise, it looks pretty solid. However, I do have reservations about gameplay length. I'm not really sure how many hours you'll be able to get out of something like this while maintaining a sense of entertainment after the initial wow-value begins to wear off after the nascent hours.

Replay also seems like it could be a bit of an issue as well, but for a cheap price and a few hours of novelty platforming, I doubt anyone could complain all too much.

You can keep an eye on A Story About My Uncle by paying a visit to the game's official store page or you can learn more about the team behind the title and a few more details about it by visiting the official Gone North Games website. This unique 3D platformer is due for release in two week's time, launching at the tail-end of May... exclusively on PC.

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