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Capcom released a CG trailer showcasing some of the new faces and a lot of returning characters as they prep for the game's release in the middle of February. The trailer clocks in at just over three minutes and features many of the announced fighters as well as showcases how they look in action.

Gamespot took note of the trailer that Capcom posted, giving gamers a look at the Unreal Engine 4-powered graphics in action. You can check it out below.

Things start off with several characters lacing up their boots, tying their hair up in a knot and getting ready to head into battle. We see M. Bison walking through a corridor toward a bright light and we get to see Ryu meditating on a mountain.

What's interesting is that there's a strong story being told underneath all the flashy visuals and fancy attacks. Two stories in particular stand out: there's one with Charlie and M. Bison and one with Ryu and Necalli.

The Charlie Nash and M. Bison feud goes all the way back to the Street Fighter Alpha days, where Charlie was one of the top guys going after Bison. In the last Alpha game, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Nash was presumed dead after fighting Bison in his lair and the lair being blown up. As we can see in the trailer above – and as Capcom revealed many months ago – Charlie is back in the fight and ready to get revenge. He appears to have parts of his body grafted together. It's interesting because he appears to be a serious top-tier character in Street Fighter V based on his original reveal trailer and how he's depicted in the CG spot above.

Charlie and Bison's rivalry will most certainly be an interesting story to explore in the game's new and improved story mode.

Another highlight in the Street Fighter V CG trailer is Ryu and Necalli. As mentioned, the two square off and hints of Evil Ryu are tossed in as the fighter gets frustrated going against the new face on the roster. Necalli activates his V-Trigger and appears to go in a rage mode. Fans are already speculating that he can feed on the raw energy of Evil Ryu and that he needs it to grow more powerful. This is similar to but not quite the same as Ryu's rivalry with Akuma.

Speaking of Akuma... it would be rad to see the fiery, red-haired demon pugilist step foot into the arena once more. It would be a dream fight to see him and Necalli go head to head in Street Fighter V. They have very contrasting styles but similar goals and personalities. Well at least Akuma will be making his presence known in Tekken 7 later this year.

Anyway, gamers can look for Street Fighter V to go live on the PS4 and PC starting February 16.