In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Capcom's highly lauded Street Fighter brand, both Sanrio and Capcom have joined forces for Street Fighter X Sanrio gear, featuring popular Street Fighter characters re-imagined in the form of Hello Kitty. A big, brand spanking new joypad has been released, an iPhone case and an iPad cover are all available in celebration of the anniversary.

Mad Catz let loose the news that they are the ones behind the accessories of Street Fighter X Sanrio, and this means you should approach their Fightstick like a sumo wrestler sitting on a plywood probably won't last very long.

Still, Mad Catz has been working hard to fix their image of making cheap products and what better way to repair rep than with Hello Kitty-themed accessories for Street Fighter fans? I mean, haven't we always wanted to see Zangief and Guile re-imagined as Sanrio characters on top of a hot, retro-pink color scheme? Of course. There's no color more hardcore than hot retro-pink. It reeks of testosterone filled gaming nights battling it out with the most core of the core in the gaming world.

You can pick up the Street Fighter X Sanrio iPhone case, Fightstick and iPad cover right now by paying a visit to Mad Catz Interactive's Official Website. Unfortunately, there are no Street Fighter X Hello Kitty games in the works, but I'm sure you'd all be excited about it if there were. Am I right?

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