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Tonight, the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers will compete in Super Bowl XLVII. If you're planning to play before or during the big game, you make as well show your team allegiance with a custom emblem.

A new tutorial video from FPSGeneral shows exactly how to make each team's logo in Black Ops 2's emblem editor. They break down each team's logo, layer by layer. San Francisco 49ers fans will have a much easier time creating their emblem, according to the video.

"We chose the classic 49ers logo and for the Ravens, we decided to go with their alternate front-facing raven logo," said FPSGeneral. "Credit where credit is due: Vindictive Gaming was the inspiration behind this Ravens logo, although we took the design in our own direction."

Super Bowl XLVII will begin at 6:30 EST. EA's Madden simulation of the Super Bowl is predicting a close game.