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Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen, the creators of Super Meat Boy, recently confirmed that the game will be heading to the Mac and that additional chapters will be arriving for the XBLA version. Not only that, but the dynamic duo also mentioned that a level editor will be arriving for PC games, too.

In a very extensive interview with Pocketful of Megabytes, Refenes commented that…
So we’re working on the level editor now, and once that’s done a Mac version won’t take that long to do. I could work on it on a weekend. It’d just take me actually sitting down and devoting some time to it.

So there you go. A Mac version is coming once the level editor is done…whenever that may be. Regardless, at least fans of Super Meat Boy will have plenty of content to look forward to throughout 2011.

You can check out the entire interview over at Pocketful of Megabytes, which talks about why the game was cancelled for the Nintendo, the hilarious intro/outro cinematics and lots more.

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