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TGS 08: Punch-Out!! Wii Trailer

People trash Nintendo for simply recycling their old NES franchises over and over with each new console or handheld they make but this is one update no one should mind: a Wii remake of the arcade-style boxing game Punch-Out!!. Sans Mike Tyson, of course.

The Wii Punch-Out!! was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show at Nintendo's press conference, along with a short trailer. The footage shows some of the old fighters you may remember from the original NES version of the game: King Hippo, Glass Joe, and Von Kaiser. Oh, and of course, the game's hero: the comically undersized Little Mac.

Punch-Out!! will be released on the Wii sometime in 2009. It's being developed by Next Level Games, the studio who also did the Mario soccer games Mario Strikers Charged for Wii and Super Mario Strikers for GameCube.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.