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Team Bondi may have fallen into some serious financial trouble, but that hasn’t stopped the studio head Brendan McNamara from flexing his creative muscles and moving forward with a new project, Whore of the Orient. In fact, the project caught the eye of the original Mad Max creator, George Miller, so much so that the film rights to the upcoming game, Whore of the Orient, has already been picked up and Miller is helping the team get the game off the ground.

What’s more is that George Miller was so impressed with Team Bondi’s creative work that he’s completely behind the team designing and developing a Mad Max: Fury Road game to follow close on the heels of McNamara’s Whore of the Orient.

According to Blues, Doug Mitchell commented in an interview with Financial Review about the delays of Mad Max 4 (which won’t be shooting until next year) and talking about the game, saying…
“With the government’s support we can immediately go forward with two games,” says Mitchell. “Warner Bros is standing by, willing to do Fury Road; the incentive would bring it back here in a New York minute. It’s not immediately obvious but the potential in the video games sector is massive. Just from the statistics people are showing me, it’s a $60 billion industry fast-tracking towards $90 billion. And it’s not dominated by any particular country. Films are very expensive, so studios .?.?. are making drastically fewer of them, but much higher quality, and they invest in sequels, because they know that they’ve got an opening which they don’t have to buy with their marketing dollars as aggressively.

The games industry is a tricky one, though. Some studios have found massive success in small titles like Notch’s MineCraft or PlayDead’s Limbo. Other studios roll in the big dough with massive franchises like Halo and Call of Duty, racking in billions for the respective publishers. However, much like Hollywood, there are also tons of duds. Except one dud for a developer (or even a success for a developer) can still spell closure, such was the case with Team Bondi, Bizarre Creations and one of Codemaster’s studios this year alone.

It will definitely be interesting to see where McNamara and his team take a Mad Max game. If the focus is placed on effectively immersing gamers into the atmosphere and danger of the universe, they just might have a gem on their hands. It will be even more interesting to see what sort of technology they bring to the table and whether their MotionTech will be employed again for Fury Road.

You can check out the rest of the lengthy interview over at the Financial Review.

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