Tekken Tag 2's DLC Will Be Free, Harada Tries To Clean Up Capcom's Mess

Poor, poor Katsuhiro Harada, this guy has been put in a bad place because of other people. Don't worry, though, Harada has promised to undo the evils of today's generation of gaming. He's aiming to win you over with a complete set of free DLC planned for the recently released Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and he laments how people are disgruntled at the term “DLC” due to “misuse” of the method by other publishers.

I've been championing for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ever since Venture Beat's Sebastian Haley revealed that the game would have online and offline pair-play for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. A feature that was absent from the Xbox 360 rendition of Street Fighter X Tekken and a feature that Capcom refused to add in for no particular reason, despite advertising it.

Anyway, eGamer writers a lovely, lovely piece about the state of DLC and why supporting Street Fighter X Tekken is a great way to show support for a developer who still cares about both the community and the game he and his team worked so hard on to craft, build and perfect.

Heh, there's no point going off on a rant because eGamer does that for me and I agree with every point. The reason he rants in the article is because Harada had to defend Tekken Tag 2 from leery gamers who were unsure if they should pick up Tekken Tag Tournament 2 due to concerns of DLC, some going far enough to cancel pre-orders after finding out about online passes. Harada stated the following on his Twitter, saying...

You misunderstand something completely.When you buy TTT2. You don't need extra charge for pass.and It works to a MULITI ACCOUNT (you don't need buy for your brother account something).and You don't need pass for OFFLINE MODE. It's just Online user activation system.and If you buy new copy, You can get -->Online pass = FREE (don't forget, it works for multi account your PS account or XBOX account).DLC Characters = FREE.DLC Stages = FREE.DLC Swimsuits = FREE.and I'll add more DLC Characters & Stages and On-line additional capability, BUT It's FREE.ok, Tell me your problem now.and If you are not a child, Please do not use the dirty language.

Pretty funny eh?

This guy now has to defend giving content away for free because DLC has picked up such a naughty reputation thanks to companies like Electronic Arts, Activision and of course, the worst offender of them all, Capcom.

This was actually brought to Harada's attention via a user who stated that it was a shame that the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 producer had to defend the game to such an extent due to the misuse of DLC from other publishers who have righteously abused add-on content, to which Harada replied in a follow up post, saying...

Yeah, but We are not! right?I'll say again.CHARACTERS DLC are FREE,STAGES DLC are FREE,SWIMSUITS are FREE,Extra COSTUME are FREE,and If you buy New copy,Online pass are FREE for Console system, It works for MULTIPLE ACCOUNT = You don't need buyextra pass for your Brothers or Sisters or Parents. and all offline mode = No need pass.It's NOT EXTRA CHARGE system for new copy of TTT2.and I'll add more DLC Characters & Stages and On-line additional capability DLC / UPDATE, BUT It will be FREE.If it is still dissatisfied for you, We need to quit development of a game.


Well there was no need to quit the development of the game and so far reviewers are quite satisfied with Namco Bandai's offerings.

It's also one of the few games that can rightfully justify a $60 price tag and have enough content and replay value to back it up, something Street Fighter X Tekken couldn't do. Even if you ignore the 12 disc-locked characters, the countless disc-locked Gems, the disc-locked color customization and the disc-locked clothing options, you still only had a game with 38 characters and no replay value. Options were thin, there were no unlockables (since everything that was locked was behind a pay-wall on the disc) and there was nothing substantial offered in terms of replay.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has 60 or more characters, countless costumes and accessories to unlock, countless color customization options, tons of modes, lots of moves, a fight lab, tag modes, scramble modes, pair-play, tournament modes and lots more. In other words, it's worth the $60 entry fee.

The fact that the game will have post-launch DLC that's all free also says a lot about how much Namco Bandai cares about the community and it lets you know that companies don't have to nickel and dime fans to offer a great product at a great value. Harada, you probably won't read this, but us gamers really appreciate it!

You can pick up Tekken Tag Tournament 2 right now for $59.99 for the Xbox 360 or PS3. If you'd like to learn more be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.