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Well here's one way to lure in the non-shooter fans: bait them with a collection of award-winning adventure games. Better yet, it's not just a collection of award-winning adventure games, but the very latest and very best from Telltale Games.

The Xbox store includes five of Telltale's most recognized adventure games based on popular media brands. This includes Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Tales From The Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us.

The bundle carries a fairly hefty price... and by hefty price I'm not talking a Steam bundle price. You'll need to churn out $109.99 for the Telltale Games Collection. Yeah... it's that much.

However, you do get more than just the games in the bundle. You also get The Game of Thrones series season pass and the Tales From The Borderlands season pass, which includes episodes 2 through 5.

For the uninitiated... Telltale has been churning some highly acclaimed, award-winning interactive point-and-click games over the past couple of years. Things really kicked into high gear with their take on The Walking Dead, starring ex-convict Lee Everett. The shocking twists, the unpredictable characters and the gripping story helped propel the game right to the top of the GOTY list.

Things slowed down a bit more with The Walking Dead: Season 2, a lot of it had to do with stepping into the role of Clementine, the young girl from the first season. The story didn't feel quite as gripping playing as a kid, which took away from some of the edge and bite from the first season.

Telltale stepped up their their game with The Wolf Among Us, a unique take on the fairytale world with mature-themed subject matter. From murders to prostitution and everything else in between, The Wolf Among Us was no sly walk in the park when it came to characterization and storytelling. The game, however, still didn't quite hit the fever pitch that Telltale accomplished with the first season of The Walking Dead, but it definitely kept them relevant.

With Tales From The Borderlands and Game of Thrones starting to make waves, we'll see if the developers and storytellers can accomplish the seemingly difficult feat of having lightning strike once again with the aforementioned properties.

Telltale is also tackling the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode, which should be an interesting take on the Minecraft property by delving into the characters, world and story of the voxel-based building game. I have no idea how they're going to do it but I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested. I mean, would they aim for the little kids even though there's no building or free-roam playing? Or would they take the story in a completely different direction, much like the Wolf Among Us, where it's more adult themed?

Gamers will be able to experience all of the majorly released Telltale titles on the Xbox One right now with the bundle pack. It's also interesting that the pack came out over on the weekend. You can check out the store page for more details on the pack or to pick up a digital copy of the bundle.