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Thrustmaster Wireless Headsets Announced For PS3, Xbox 360

Thrustmaster seems a little late to the party and a generation too slow, but better late with something than never with nothing, right? Well, the Madcatz subsidiary had two brand new audio accessories to showcase for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation during this year's E3 convention.

The Y-400Pw for the PlayStation 3 and the Y-400Xw for the Xbox 360 with 2.4ghz wireless WiFi tech at the heart of each headset, 10 meter range and plug-n-play technology to keep access fast and easy when that 10 hour rechargeable (lithium-polymer) battery goes down on you.

As noted in the press release...

The microphone has also been optimized: the unidirectional microphone offers a noise-cancelling feature that isolates the player's voice, while removing background noise. The microphone is also detachable, enabling players to make the most of their headset's versatility when they aren't playing (e.g. when watching movies or listening to music).

I think it's really weird that Thrustmaster has decided to toss out some brand new, high-end headsets at the end of a console generation...I mean, really? Maybe they had some last minute ideas and they really need to get this stuff out there sort of like belching after drinking a whole bunch of Pepsi.

Anyway, be wary of this purchase because a lot of peripherals for today's generation of consoles will not carry over into next-gen, as Microsoft made it known that any 360 peripherals would not work on the Xbox One, as only officially licensed hardware developers would be allowed to make accessories for the new console, such as Turtle Beach and PDP.

You can learn more about the new Y-400Xw for the Xbox 360, Y-400Yw for PlayStation 3 and PC over on the official Thrustmaster website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.