The side-scrolling, hilarious, action-packed indie game No Time To Explain, has officially landed on Steam's Greenlight. The game puts players in control of a time-traveling hero who finds himself in a not-so-heroic situation when he tries to warn his past self about impending doom.

The concept of the game is pretty cool: the hero goes back in time to warn his past self about imminent danger, but before he can explain after saying there's no time to explain, a giant crab claw comes blasting through the wall and grabs him away in an outpouring of blood and guts. It's then up to players to save their future self by racing through crazy environments, time paradoxes and parallel dimensions to figure just what's going on and save yourself.

If the above premise sounds ridiculous, just check out the video below of the game in action. It's hilarious.

The game being primed for Steam is different from what the crew has already released, and players can expect improved support, additional content, Mac and Linux ports as well.

No Time To Explain is currently looking for upvotes on Steam's Greenlight, so if you're interested in seeing this game on Valve's digital distribution outlet be sure to head to the Official Greenlight Page and give no Time To Explain a few upvotes.

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