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If war is hell, then Tiny Troopers is the adorable section reserved for the lightest of sinners. Kokouri Mobile Entertainment’s strategy combat game with a cutesy sheen has already stormed iOS and, come this Friday, the miniscule battle is making its way to PC and Mac.

In Tiny Troopers the player takes control of a precious squad of soldiers who must storm a precious warzone in order to take out your precious enemies. Okay, so it’s not really that adorable but, well, just take a look for yourself…

See what I’m saying? That’s pretty dang delightful for a war game. Tiny Troopers is just shy of being something Paris Hilton would slap a collar on and carry around in her purse.

But while the characters are reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoon characters, the strategic action actually looks pretty explosive. You’ll have access to a growing squad of soldiers that get better with every mission they survive. You can also hire specialists to come in and help turn the tide of war. From escorting hostages to wiping out the enemy threat, Tiny Troopers offers all the bullets and grit of a war game, only dipped in a thin coat of honey and rolled around in some sprinkles.

Tiny Troopers offers 30 missions, though no word yet on how much the PC/Mac version will cost. You can pick it up this Friday on Steam, as well as “other digital channels.” For more info, be sure to check out the game’s Facebook page.

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