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Respawn Entertainment plans to add new game modes to Titanfall after the multiplayer shooter's launch. Thankfully, they won't charge us extra for them.

Prior to the game's launch, Respawn announced that they were planning three paid DLC packs for the game. Studio co-founder Vince Zampella said on Twitter that game modes won't be included with those premium add-ons:

Titanfall shipped with five modes. While I like the game on the whole, these modes are a little too conventional:
  • Pilot Hunter - Team Deathmatch
  • Attrition - Team Deathmatch except that you can kill numbskull A.I. enemies to pad your team's kill count.
  • Last Titan Standing - Team Deathmatch except with no respawns and everyone starts in a Titan.
  • Hardpoint - Capture and Defend
  • Capture the Flag - I believe you're familiar with this.
The game gets more mileage out of these modes than you'd expect, thanks to the game's smooth integration of parkour and mech combat. Still, there's plenty of untapped potential here that could be unlocked with a few cleverly designed modes released after launch.

While this isn't the most imaginative idea, I wonder whether they're planning a Pilots-only mode. That would cut off one of the most interesting aspects of the game (the Titans) but would place a greater emphasis on skillful parkour than the base game. I also wonder whether they'd boost up the player count for maps if they had a match type like this. I'd think the game could handle, say, 8v8 or 10v10 if there were no Titans stomping around.

Titanfall's premium DLC packs will each add new maps and other unknown content. Every pack will cost $10 to purchase on release. However, players can spring for a $24.99 Season Pass to get all three at a discount. The Origin website says that these DLC packs will arrive in the Spring, Summer and Fall of this year.

Respawn is also working on patches to clean up and rebalance the game. The first major patch was released on Xbox One and PC this weekend. The update reduced the effectiveness of the Smart Pistol and Dead Man's Trigger while also removing several bugs.

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