Titanfall Giveaway Includes Ultimate Gaming Rig

Big things are dropping and little things are popping as Titanfall is launching for PC and Xbox One this Tuesday (tomorrow, in case you were wondering). In celebration of the launch of Titanfall from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, Newegg is giving away the ultimate gaming rig and a free copy of Titanfall to a lucky gamer.

For the lesser first prize giveaway, Newegg is also trying to forcefully giveaway a free Xbox One (they're practically begging you to take it). In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few thousand Xbox Ones available to help Microsoft move those 900,000 SKUs that were sitting on store shelves... although, technically, according to VGChartz, Microsoft only needs to move 300,000 more SKUs before they fulfill their 3.9 million shipping margin.

According to the press release, there will be a few thousand total winners...

“A total of seven winners will be selected. In addition to the grand prize winner, the first-prize winner will receive a Microsoft Xbox One console with two Microsoft Titanfall limited edition wireless controllers, one Xbox One chat headset and one Samsung 40-inch 1080p LED HDTV. Five second-prize winners will win a copy of Titanfall for PC.”

Are they sure it's only one Xbox One? Because man, Microsoft needs to move some product like the mafia needed to get the gambling parlors up and going again after Buford Pusser putting a hurting on their operations back in the day.

By drumming up the marketing presence of Titanfall, the company has a good chance of recouping some of their investment into the brand exclusivity of Titanfall for the two Xbox consoles. A free giveaway is a good way to get people wanting a free copy of the game, and for everyone who gets a free copy of the game, they'll want a friend to play with; and maybe in turn they might just happen to buy the Xbox One to do so... except, that might apply if the copies Newegg were giving away were for the Xbox One, in which case, they are not.

Still, free copies of Titanfall is worth it right? All it takes is a quick sign-up on Newegg's giveaway page by March 31st, and you could be the proud owner of an Xbox One, or more importantly, the Emperor 1510 Gaming Chair and an accompanying Glorious PC Gaming Master Rig, containing the kind of specs that make the Xbox One and PS4 weep in a corner of a dark room (the PS4 in a 1080p room and the Xbox One in a 792p room).

The Glorious PC Gaming Master Rig comes with 16GB of DDR3 RAM, none of that eSRAM to bottleneck it, a gloriously sexy i7 processor to make games a buttery smooth mess in the palms of your three beautiful, full HD, BenQ 24-inch, backlight LCD monitors, and a 1TB hard drive so you'll be able to play whatever game that any triple-A publisher could throw at you. Oh yeah, this is the sort of machine that will break up marriages and cause people to spend enough time gaming that most wives will think their husbands are having an affair on them. That's the true glory of the PC Master Race right there. Splitting up marriages and enjoying every single second of it.

But getting back to the real meat, potatoes and a dash of Dijon mustard... the reviews for Titanfall promote it as a worthwhile venture that deserves a bit of play-time for those of you who enjoy Call of Duty with mechs, jetpacks and some light parkour.

You can pick up a copy of the game starting tomorrow, if you're too lazy or too rich to sign-up to potentially receive a free copy of the game from Newegg. For anyone else strapped for cash, interested in getting a free Xbox One, or someone really gunning for a Glorious PC Gaming Master Rig, you'll probably want to get your butt in gear and fill out the form for your chance to win big. You can sign-up right now over on the Newegg website (opens in new tab)

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.