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DefendTheHouse released another installment of their Titanfall Mythbusters video series. The video confirms or debunks a number of popular myths in the game, including a dropship kill from miles and miles away.

Planting satchel charges on an enemy dropship and then detonating them after it leaves the planet seems like a great move on paper. It's a way to wipe out the enemy team just when they think they've escaped. What could be more satisfying than that?

Unfortunately, it doesn't work as planned. In both times that DefendTheHouse tries this, they're disconnected from the server. It's far from the triumphant deathblow that they were hoping for. It actually hurts them by potentially robbing them of bonus XP from the end of the match.

The video disproves a couple other myths as well. They find out through a foot race between two players that the Spectre Camo burn card doesn't make you run any faster. Also, the Titan's Electric Smoke can't damage an enemy Titan while it's still in its Dome Shield.

For balance, the video includes two true rumors as well. If you fall off the map and then eject, you can hop to safety. The MRVN worker bots will get visibly sad when shot by players. It might not have a brow to furrow but the electronic face on its chest will turn its smile upside-down when it takes damage.

This is the second Titanfall Mythbusters video released to date. The first proved that you can trick your Auto-Titan to fall off the edge of the map, that Vortex Shields can be used to throw the same rocket back and forth indefinitely, and that a well-placed Vortex Cannon shot can destroy incoming rockets. It also debunked the myth that you can kill one of the flying creatures in Boneyard with your fists.

The best part of the first Mythbusters video, though, is how it shows you how to kill a dropship with a landing Titan. Check out the video for yourself below to see what the trick is:

DefendTheHouse seems to be releasing these videos on a weekly basis. Their ability to maintain that pace may depend on how many glitches Respawn has included in the game, though. Don't go patching out every weird bug in the game, you guys. There's comedy to be made.

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