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Respawn Entertainment has deployed the first post-launch patch for Titanfall. The patch makes balance changes and bug fixes for the Xbox One and PC versions of the sci-fi shooter.

One of the most controversial Pilot Kits, Dead Man's Trigger, will be weakened somewhat by the patch. Dead Man's Trigger causes a pilot's planted explosives to detonate after he's killed. It's about as annoying as the Martyrdom perk from Call of Duty. Instead of reducing the damage from the Trigger, Respawn decided to add a delay to the explosion and warning sound so that enemy players at least have a shot of avoiding a fiery death.

The Smart Pistol, which can home in on enemies to deliver an easy killing blow, has been nerfed as well. It's now less effective when you're not using the auto-targeting feature. The pistol's damage has been reduced when you haven't locked onto a Pilot. Firing the gun while not aiming through the sights will be less accurate as well.

The patch also fixes many glitches associated with Titans. Entering your Titan, rodeoing it or jumping off should result in less issues. The notes don't mention if they also fixed the glitch that lets Pilots rodeo each other.

Respawn says that the patch should be available worldwide by mid-day PDT. While you're waiting for the update to be available, check out the full patch notes:

Balancing adjustments and general changes
  • The damage indicator from Electric Smoke is now much more noticeable
  • Search Drones will now show up in Classic Modes of Angel City
  • Arc grenade/mine effects no longer draw on friendly Pilots and Titans
  • Lowered the point value of defensive actions in Hardpoint mode and CTF.
  • Increased the score limit in Attrition
  • Flag Return points reduced
  • Flag Carrier killed points reduced
  • Explosives detonated by Dead Man's Trigger are now slightly delayed
  • Explosives detonated by Dead Man's Trigger now play a warning sound before exploding
  • Slightly decreased the damage of the Smart Pistol when not locked onto a Pilot
  • Slightly decreased the hip-fire accuracy of the Smart Pistol
  • Certain Burn Cards could be exploited to give multiple uses
  • Evac Dropships are now more responsive to Pilots entering them
  • Hacking a Mega Turret will now restore it's health to full
  • Cluster Missiles damage reduced against Evac Dropships
Bug Fixes
  • Titan could become stuck in the position he lands in
  • Auto-Titan wouldn't stand up until you embarked into it
  • Several rare server issues restarting the game in to the lobby
  • Pilot could end up out of bounds while rodeoing a Titan as it is destroyed
  • Pilot could warp through certain locations when jumping off a Titan
  • Rodeoing a Titan that has been doomed by your SMR could kill you
  • Players being able to enter some geometry in Smuggler's Cove
  • Titanfall will now give proper kill credit when it kills a Pilot embarking into their Titan
  • Minions in Attrition now continue to spawn until the Epilogue begins
  • Player couldn't hack a Mega Turret console
  • Server would sometimes error when leeching a Spectre
  • Hardpoints sometimes awarded defense score to players not near the Hardpoint
  • Rare issue when ejecting from a Titan
  • Server would sometimes error after a match while returning to the lobby
  • Double XP burn card sometimes not being applied properly
While Respawn is busy fixing up the Xbox One and PC versions, Bluepoint is finishing up the Xbox 360 edition. The game will launch on Xbox 360 in April due a last-minute delay.
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