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If you've finished Tomb Raider's campaign, found all the optional texts, and plundered all the hidden tombs, it's time for Lara to go on vacation. Crystal Dynamics' Karl Stewart says that they won't be releasing any single-player DLC for the game.

“There are currently no plans in place for any single player expansions," Stewart said on Reddit. He added that all of the DLC will be for the game's competitive multiplayer.

That's really surprising because the campaign felt like the center of the game. The competitive multiplayer is alright, I guess, but it's kind of an after-thought. Tomb Raider is really about Lara Croft and her evolution into a seasoned treasure hunter.

Still, my expectations for single-player DLC were a bit low for this game. An epilogue adventure would've been appreciated but I didn't think it would happen. I figured Crystal Dynamics would throw a few standalone tombs at us and call it a day.

If you're really intent on finding the silver lining in this news, here it is: the game shipped with a "complete" campaign. Crystal Dynamics didn't slice off part of the single-player experience on purpose so they could sell it to us later. They can thank other developers for setting the bar so low in that regard.

Crystal Dynamics released the first multiplayer DLC for Tomb Raider yesterday. The Caves and Cliffs Pack provides players with three new maps for online play. This DLC is a timed exclusive for Xbox 360.