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A brand new list of Xbox 360 games has made it onto the net-waves and it features newly released titles as well as a few classics and all of them are supposedly buy-worthy. The list comes courtesy of XboxLifestyle, the sister-site of the renown PlayStation Lifestyle.

The top 100 list comes from the creative fingertips of game industry writer Ryan Rigney who compiled the exhaustive list of games, complete with pricing information and snazzy screenshots. A few of the games that appear on the list include Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, Castle Crashers and Lost Odyssey.

For those of you who don’t own an Xbox 360, fear not for Ryan has a top 100 PS3 list on the way, too. Also, take note that the list is compiled in alphabetical order and not “best to worst” or “least likely to cause RROD to most likely to cause RROD”. You can check out the entire list over at Xbox Lifestyle.net