Namco Bandai plans to promote a nice cache of games for Sony's upcoming PS Vita, and one of those games happens to be Touch My Katamari. Despite the pervy sounding name, the game itself is still all about collecting things and rolling them up into giant piles of junk.

The new screenshots are basically a compilation of items, as mentioned, either being compiled, constructed or in the process of being pulled into a junk pile. I think the subtext of the game is that it's supposed to make us more environmentally aware of all the junk we collect(?). Anyway, the new trailer doesn't really explain much other than that Goro the Slacker needs to change his life and clean up all the junk in his room and stop being a gaming, internet slacker.

Now that you're done watching that you can check out those screenshots I was talking about. They're just below and probably won't do much to explain the game if you have no idea what Touch My Katamari is about.

Anyway, you can learn more about Touch My Katamari by visiting the Official Website or look for the game to launch for the PSV in February next year.

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