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[Update: Microsoft has addressed the DRM concerns of the FGC]

A new video has recently been posted today to run damage control for the Killer Instinct fallout regarding the DRM message. The video above defending Microsoft's stance comes from the organizer of the tournament at Queen's college in New York, Elliot Oyola. You can watch the video and revel in its awesomeness to protect Microsoft and Double Helix.

So previously, we wrote about the Killer Instinct DRM scenario, where two people were playing and during the middle of the game they were booted out, despite playing in the local offline mode.

Video footage of the incident can be viewed below, courtesy of the stream provided by Arturo Sanchez from Team Spooky.

Microsoft had press representatives repeat that the above incident was not related to any of the Xbox One's original DRM policies.

Oyola also repeatedly states that what occurred in the video wasn't DRM, but it's actually the very definition of DRM, which means digital rights management. It's whole goal is to prevent unauthorized owners from accessing licensed content and that's exactly what happened in the video, except the owner of the content was present and playing, just not on his machine. One can argue that it may not be related to the 24-hour check-in DRM, but it's still DRM.

Oyola argues that it's the same as the Xbox 360 and PS3, although we've never had reports of games being played offline and kicking people out during the middle of the game to do a DRM content ownership check. Usually the standard digital rights security prevents people from starting a game, not kicking them out during the middle of an offline game.

The interesting thing about it is that Oyola makes it known that he's running damage control for Microsoft and that he has their backs, saying...
“Microsoft, if you're watching, if you're listening: I got your back on this one. You guys weren't at fault. It was a simple error and it got a little out of hand, so that's why I'm making the video to sort of damage control for you guys.”

Take note that this was not, however, an isolated incident and occurred with the 8WayRun FGC tournament crew as well, with the organizer, Jason Axelrod, saying...
“If the internet goes down in your area, there may be a chance you will no longer be able to play your downloaded games.

“I am also aware that is exactly how it worked on the Xbox 360 as well. Without connecting to the internet, you could not play some of your games. Last year during Hurricane Sandy, we lost internet for a week... and I spent the entire time on my PS3, playing video games. It seems that with the Xbox One, this will not be possible.”

Microsoft has not directly addressed this scenario involving the Killer Instinct incident or how tournament organizers will be able to deal with issues such as this. We contacted Microsoft about Xbox One owners running into this problem and the representative mentioned that they would get back with us with further details.

Yes, Oyola's damage control adds context to the video – that the connection dropped from the 4G and kicked them out – but it still leaves lingering questions about the viability of the Xbox One being used in the FGC tournament scene and how intrusive the DRM may be for those who aren't always online.

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